Long Term Care insurance (LTC or LTCI) is for people that have conditions that require help daily over an extended period of time, such as a disability, chronic illness or cognitive impairment like Alzheimer's disease. If you are unable to care for yourself, you can receive services at your own home, adult day care center, assisted living facility or nursing home.

People are living longer than ever these days; expecting to live well into the golden years. The big question is, how healthy will you be when your reach your 80s.

It’s important to plan for an unexpected disability or illness - that frankly can occur at any age. If the need for long term care arises, no one wants to place a financial burden on their loved ones or drain savings, ending up on Medicaid.


Long-term care is a type of skilled care or personal care service that you might need if you’re unable to care for yourself because of an illness, disability, or cognitive impairment like Alzheimer's disease.

Long-term care is different from traditional medical care, which tries to treat or cure illnesses. Long-term care may help you maintain your lifestyle but usually won't improve your medical condition. It helps with routine daily activities, such as eating, getting around, and bathing. It can also help if you need supervision, protection, or reminders to take medicine.

Long-term care services can be provided at your home or in a hospice, adult day care center, nursing home, or assisted living facility.

There are different types of long-term care services:

  • Skilled care is for medical conditions that require a medical professional, such as a nurse or a therapist. It's usually provided in a nursing home or other care center.
  • Personal care (sometimes called custodial care) helps you do routine activities. You can get personal care in your home or in a care center.


Long Term Care Insurance

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