Protecting our family

Short Term
Health Insurance

Short Term Health are medically underwritten, don't cover pre-existing conditions (for a limited time) and don't meet the minimum essential coverage requirements of the ACA. You may have to pay a penalty. More on penalty

Small Group
Health Insurance

If you own a small business that doesn't currently offer health insurance or are interested in looking at a new product - you will want to review these options.

More on options

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Supplemental Insurance Plans

These afforable plans supplement some of your higher out-of-pocket medical costs. Fill this GAP with a accident, critical illness plans and more.

Health Insurance Options

ON Marketplace
Health Insurance

When you apply for individual and family coverage through the Marketplace, you’ll provide income and household information. If you qualify for Premium tax credits, you will receive savings that make insurance more affordable.
* Add my agent information to your application at

* When you apply for a On Marketplace ACA Health Insurance policy for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit, please add the following to your application to add me as your agent:

Agent: Susan Speciale

National Producer Number (NPN): 1635661

OFF Marketplace
Health Insurance

A health insurance policy purchased directly with the insurance company. You can do this with me, an insurance agent.

Purchasing this way, you have determined that you are not eligible for Premium tax credits available within the Federal Marketplace at

ACA health insurance plan choices will have - - -
premium increases, higher out-of-pocket costs and fewer plan choices.

Even though you do have other options, you should
give serious consideration to the pros and cons
before selecting an alternative plan.

ACA Health Insurance

2020 Special Enrollment Period (SEP)
See if you qualify for ACA Individual/Family health insurance during a SEP due to a qualifying life event, like losing other coverage, getting married, or having a baby.  Read more.