Since 2001, we have provided expert customer service, comprehensive coverage and personal service to change the future for our clients in Texas. We will design benefit packages for individuals, families, seniors, and small groups to fit your exact needs. By partnering with our clients, we can aggressively protect them from possible misfortunes along life’s path. Our driving purpose is to help clients navigate a successful course for a more secure future.


What we do... We have been assisting individuals, families, seniors, self-employed, small groups, unemployed, U.S. and non-U.S. citizens travelers with their insurance needs for years. Helping you make solid decisions is our goal. We know will you have many insurance choices and sometimes it becomes frustrating and confusing when it comes to defining the benefits that are right for you. We are here to help provide you with the benefit of our experience to make this process simple. Our job is to make sure that YOU are getting exactly what you need, and no less.

How we do it... Our goal is to give you access to the best solutions and affordable rates, while offering old fashion personal service. We support our clients to make the right choice by providing access to over 60 top rated insurance companies to fit a broad range of product needs. Helping you make an intelligent and informed decision about your insurance needs is our main objective! We listen and make sure that what you are requesting is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. We believe that our clients are a part of our family. With that in mind, we will do the best we can to make sure you are taken care of.

What does this mean for you... Why should you use our services? The answer is obvious. We will provide you with excellent service, competitive quotes to stay in your budget and a plan that meets your needs. We appreciate your confidence in us contributing to a successful relationship!


We give you a choice

  • Select from a variety of high-quality health plans, with a wide choice of doctors and hospitals.

We make it convenient for you 

  • All the plans are easy to understand and use, much easier than you might expect.

We give you security 

  • Good coverage means peace of mind for you, your family and your employees.

We make it affordable

  • You can get the coverage you need at prices that suit your budget.