These plans DO NOT meet the Affordable Care Act pediatric care guidelines. Contact us directly to review ACA plan options.

Multiple Dental Insurance Companies - with Delta Dental 

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  • AmFirst Insurance Company
    Delta Dental Insurance Company
    Nationwide Life Insurance Company
    Renaissance Insurance Company

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  • Careington

No Waiting Period on Cleaning, Filling or Crown for these plans:

Delta Dental for Everyone Immediate Coverage Plan PPO/Premier
Renaissance Dental MAX Choice Plus Plan

Interested in a Vision Plan?
Add vision with your dental purchase (check area for coverage and an additional premium applies)

Several great Dental insurance options to choose from

Interested in a Vision Plan?
Add vision with your dental purchase (check area for coverage and an additional premium applies)

Golden Rule Insurance Company or UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company are the underwriters of UnitedHealthOne

* Pediatric dental insurance is necessary to be compliant for the Affordable Care Act Marketplace plans

Children’s dental services are included as part of the Essential Health Benefit (EHB) package. So, children in segments of the population where the EHB package is required will have dental coverage offered as part of that package. After Jan. 1, 2014, all individual and small group market plans – both inside and outside the exchange – must be certified as "qualified health plans" except for stand-alone dental plans. QHPs must provide all "essential health benefits". Pediatric oral health services are included in the 10-category EHB package and must be offered. "Pediatric services" are defined as services for individuals under the age of 19, although states have the flexibility to extend such coverage beyond the age 19 baseline. Before you buy a dental insurance plan, make sure that it meets the ACA guideline for pediatric dental insurance for a qualified Health plan (QHP). Adults do not have to meet any guidelines.

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When you are considering buying a dental plan, the following are questions to consider:

  • What is the monthly cost for dental coverage?
  • Is there a waiting period before the plan covers certain care?
  • Is there an annual limit to what the plan will pay for your coverage?
  • Will you be able to see the dentist you want to?
  • How far do you have to travel to see a dentist that accepts the dental plan?
  • How much of the cost does the plan cover for routine visits?
  • How much of the cost does the plan cover for fillings, root canals and oral surgery?
  • How much of the cost does the plan cover for major dental care such as crowns?

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Plan info, providers and apply